1). Pick a plan

There are a huge variety of one year Bibles and one reading plans available.  Find one that sounds like it will work for you.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

The Daily Bread (the little booklets we hand out every three months have a daily reading schedule)

The Bible Project – has videos that supplement the reading as well. (a variety of translations and reading plans, downloadable to your phone, tablet and computer)  (a variety of plans to use with the Bible you already own)

Challenge your whole family to read through a children’s Bible or Easy Reading Bible together

2). Pick a time

If you don’t already read your Bible daily, it’s not going to just happen.  What will you have to turn off or set aside to create time to read your Bible?  Give some thought to the time and place each day which will likely work best for you.  You will have to be flexible of course, but be intentional about making this discipline a priority.  Remember….it takes 30 days to develop a habit, so stick with it for the whole month of January…it will get easier after that!

3). Pick a partner

All things are best done with a partner!  Maybe it’s your spouse.  Maybe it’s a friend.  Get your kids to keep you accountable! You won’t necessarily read together, but you can encourage and challenge each other as you share struggles and successes.

4). Make it Fun!

Have weekly or monthly prizes or fun family adventures if you keep up to the reading plan!  Challenge another family and keep each other accountable. Have a party to celebrate!

FAMILIES – choose to read through the Bible using a children’s Bible and include your whole family!  You can make a reading schedule, use stickers or prizes for completing the Old & New Testaments.  Use the Old & New Testament songs to help your whole family learn the books of the Bible!

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